BLUE POINT OYSTERS ON THE 1/2 SHELL or CHOOSE : Spicy Jalapeno Bacon and Cheese, Rockefeller, Stuffed with crab meat, or Casino 2.50 each


ANGUS, HAND MADE w/ cheese, lettucce, tomatoes & mayo in a brocci roll served with French fries 11.
(Swiss, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola or Provolone cheese)

Choices $.50 each (Grilled Long Hot Pepper, Hot Cherry Pepper, Bacon, Mushrooms, Caramelized onion, Red Roasted Peppers)


ANTIPASTO An assortment of meat and cheese, roasted peppers and olives over greens 10.

CLAMS POSILIPO Little neck clams with garlic & oil, wine & touch of marinara (6) 7. (9) 11. (12) 13.

CLAMS CASINO Stuffed clams with onion, peppers & bacon (6) 7. (9) 11. (12) 13.

FRIED CALAMARI with marinara dipping sauce 10.

SHRIMP COCKTAIL With cocktail sauce Large (4) 9. Jumbo (3) 11.

STUFFED LONG HOT PEPPERS With sausage stuffing 9.

GARLIC BREAD 3. W/ cheese*Add $1.


SOUP Minestrone, pasta fagioli or Tortolinni in chicken broth Bowl 6. Cup 4.

INSALATA MISTA House mixed green salad 6.

CARLITO*SSALAD Baby greens with prosciutto,
fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan cheese 9.

CAPRESE SALAD Fresh mozzarella andtomatoes 8.

CAESAR SALAD Crispy romane lettuce with our
Caesar dressing 7.

BABY MAIZ SALAD Baby greens with baby corn, asparagus, ham,onion, tomatoes, croutons, gorgonzola cheese 8.



EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA Fresh breaded eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 12.

EGGPLANT ALLA FLORENTINE Eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese and spinach, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 12.

LASAGNA Homemade lasagna with meat, ricotta cheese, topped with b*chamel sauce and melted mozzarella 14.

MANICOTTI Fresh homemade pasta filled with ricotta cheese, baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 13.

ALLA PARMIGIANA Chicken 13. Veal 15.
Sausage & Peppers 12, Shrimp 16.


(W/ French fries) Add soup or salad for 2.00 more

N.Y. STEAK W/ saut*ed onion, peppers & cheese 12.

STEAK SPICY W/ hot peppers, onion, mushrooms Swiss cheese 12.

CHICKEN SPICY W/ hot peppers, onion, mushrooms, Swiss cheese 11.

GRILLED CHICKEN W/ fresh mozzarella roasted peppers, lettuce & tomatoes 11.

VEGGIES Saut*ed fresh vegetables & cheese 10.


GRILLED CHICKEN-RABE Grilled chicken, broccoli rabe & fresh mozzarella 12.

Add soup or salad for 2.00


LOBSTER RAVIOLI In a pink sauce 14.

CHEESE RAVIOLI With Tomato sauce 12.

PENNE PUTANESCA Penne pasta with onion, olive oil, garlic, capers, olives, fresh tomatoes and basil 12.

LINGUINI WITH CLAM SAUCE Little neck and baby clams saut*ed with garlic, oil and wine 15.

W/ Meatballs, Sausage or Bolognese add 3.

CAVATELLI BROCCOLI RABE & SAUSAGE W/ broccoli rabe & sausage In extra virgin olive oil 14.

GNOCCHI ALLA BOLOGNESE Potato dumplings with meat sauce cream & tomato sauce 13.

FETTUCCINI ALFREDO Homemade fettuccini in Alfredo sauce 12. W/ spinach add 1.00, With chicken add 3.00


CHICKEN MARSALA Chicken scalopinne with mushrooms, brown sauce and marsala wine 13.

CHICKEN ALLA CARLITOS Saut*ed pieces of chicken with scallions, hot peppers, wine, balsamic vinegar, Rosemary, lemon, brown sauce, t5opped with prosciutto 13.

CHICKEN FRANCESE Egg battered chicken medallions in a lemon-wine sauce 13.

VEAL MARSALA Veal scalopinne with mushrooms, brown sauce and marsala wine 17.

VEAL PICATA Veal medallions in a lemon-wine sauce with capers 17.

FILET MIGNON Over brown sauce, topped with onion & mushrooms served with potato 8 oz. 25.

NEW YORK STRIP Topped with onion & mushrooms served with potato 10 oz. 25. (Hand cut, more sizes available add $2. per oz.

PORK CHOPS Grilled, topped with saut*ed onion served with potato (2 pieces) 20.

PORK CHOPS ARRABIATA (2 Pieces) Grilled, then saut*ed with onion, hot peppers and broccoli rabe 22.


STUFFED LOBSTER TAIL With Carlitos rissotto 22.

SCALLOPS: PAN SEARED with mushrooms risotto, topped with lemon-wine sauce, DEEP FRIED served with French fries, or GRILLED over vegetable julienne 18.

SHRIMP Scampi, Fradiavolo, Marinara, Parmigiana or Deep Fried 17.

MUSSELS Marinara or Fradiavolo sauce over pasta 15.

SALMON Grilled with pesto or picata sauce, served with veggies 17.

FILLET OF SOLE Egg dipped filet of sole in a lemon wine sauce over spinach 14.

ZUPPA DI PESCE 1/2 of lobster tail, Shrimp, clams, calamari and mussels over linguini pasta 23. W/ out lobster tail 18.


Fresh made meatballs or sausage with sauce 5.
Pasta with sauce 7. with Bolognese sauce 9.
Broccoli with garlic & extra virgin olive oil 5.
Broccoli rabe with garlic & extra virgin olive oil 8.
Spinach with garlic & extra virgin olive oil 8.
Potato (Twice baked, roasted or fries) 4.